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单词 here
释义  here /hɪə $ hɪr/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1  HEREin this place 在这里 What are you doing here? 你们在这里干什么? Shall we eat here? 我们在这里吃好吗? Come here for a minute. 到这里来一下。 This switch here controls the lights. 此处的这个开关控制电灯。 My friend here will show you the way. 我这位朋友会给你指路的。up/down/in/out here What was she doing up here in the woods? 她在树林里干什么? Would you close the window? It’s cold in here. 请你把窗关上好吗?这里很冷。 Come on. I’m over here. 快点,我在这里。 Will you be back here tonight? 今晚你回这里吗? There are no good pubs round here. 这一带没有好的酒吧。 Let’s settle the matter here and now. 我们现在就解决此事吧。5 grammar 语法Do not say ‘in here’ when you are talking about a town or country, or an institution such as a university. Just say here . 表示城镇、国家或大学等机构,不要说in here,而只说here即可The people here have got just about enough to live on.这里的人们生活只够维持温饱。Use in here when referring to what is inside a building, room, cupboard etc. 指建筑物、房间、橱柜等的里面,要用in here。There are many species of birds here.这里有许多种鸟类。Do not use ‘here is/are ...’ to say what is in a place. Use there is/are ... here . 表示一处有什么不要用here is/are ... ,而要用there is/are ... here2  HAPPENat this point in time 此时 Spring is here at last. 春天终于来临。 Here is your chance to change your life. 改变你生活的机会来了。 Here is where the trouble starts. 麻烦是从这里开始的。3  here and there SPREADscattered around or happening in several different places 到处,各处;零散地 The house just needs a bit of paint here and there. 这房子只是有些地方需要重新粉刷。 SPOKEN PHRASES4  here is/are something  (also here it is/here they are) a) used when you are giving something to someone, or showing something to them 给你〔用于把某物给某人或向某人展示时〕 Here’s the money you lent me. 这是你借给我的钱。 Here are some pictures of John when he was little. 这里有一些约翰小时候的照片。 b) used when you have found something you were looking for 在这儿〔用于找到某物时〕 Have you seen my pen? Oh, here it is. 你看见我的钢笔了吗?哦,在这儿呢。5  GIVEOFFERused when you are giving or offering something to someone 给你〔用于给别人东西时〕 Here, have my chair. I don’t mind standing. 来,坐我的椅子吧。我可以站着。6  here you are/here you go used when you are giving something to someone 给你〔用于把某物给某人时〕 Here you are, a boxful of tools. 给你一盒工具。 ‘Here you go.’ Callum handed her a glass of orange juice. “给你。”卡勒姆递给她一杯橙汁。7  NOWat this point in a discussion 〔讨论中〕在这一点上 Here I’d like to add a note of caution. 说到这里我要加一句忠告。 There is no space to discuss this issue here. 在这里没有讨论这一问题的篇幅。 I’m not sure what you mean here. 在这一点上我不明白你的意思。8  here goes!  (also here we go)TRY TO DO OR GET something used when you are going to try to do something difficult or dangerous, and you do not know what will happen 我这就开始!我现在就试试看!〔用于做困难或危险的事时〕 I’ve never ridden a motorbike before, so here goes! 我以前从未骑过摩托车,现在就试试看吧!9  here we go START DOING somethingused when you are starting to do something or when something is starting to happen (我们)开始了 Right, here we go, the game’s starting. 好了,开始了,比赛这就开始。10  here’s to somebody/something DRINKused when you are going to drink something to wish someone good luck, show your respect for them etc 〔敬酒时说的祝词〕为某人/某事干杯,祝某人/某事〔健康、成功等〕 Here’s to the happy couple. 为这幸福的一对干杯。 Here’s to your new job. 为你的新工作干杯。11  here he/she etc is  (also somebody/something is here)ARRIVE used to say that someone or something has arrived 他/她等[某人/某事等]来了 Here they are, late as usual. 他们来了,照例又迟到了。 Ah, look – here’s the postman. 啊,瞧!邮递员来了。 Tony’s here for his messages. 托尼来收他的留言。12  here we are used when you have finally arrived somewhere you were travelling to (我们)到了 Here we are – home at last. 我们到了,终于到家了。13  here comes somebody/something ARRIVEused when you can see something or someone arriving 某人/某事物来了 Here comes lunch. 午饭来了。14  British English used to get someone’s attention or to show that you are annoyed 喂〔用来引起别人注意或表示不高兴〕 Here! Just what do you think you’re doing? 喂!你认为你这是在干什么?15  here we go again informalAGAIN used when something unpleasant is beginning to happen again 〔不愉快的事〕又发生了 Most of us are peaceful and decent, but here we go again, in our fifth war of this century. 我们中的大多数人爱好和平、品行端正,但是我们又一次陷入战争,这已经是本世纪的第五次战争了。16  here to stay STAY/NOT LEAVEif something is here to stay, it has become a part of life and will continue to be so 〔某物〕已经成为生活中的一部分 Mobile phones are definitely here to stay. 手机绝对是生活中必不可少的。17  here, there, and everywherethere, and everywhere here informalEVERYWHERE in many different places 到处,各处;在许多不同的地方 I spent the weekend driving the kids here, there, and everywhere. 我周末开车带着孩子们四处跑。18  neither here nor there UNIMPORTANTnot important 不重要的,无关紧要的 ‘You never liked him much, did you?‘ ’What I think about him is neither here nor there. He’s your friend.’ “你从来都不太喜欢他,是不是?”“我对他的看法无关紧要。他是你的朋友。”19  the here and now the present time 现时in the here and now To be able to live fully in the here and now, one must first learn how to honour the past. 一个人如果要完完整整地活在当下,首先必须学会尊重过去。20  somebody/something is here to do something used to say what someone or something’s duty or purpose is 某人/某事物的职责[用途]就是做某事 We’re here to serve you. 我们的职责就是为你服务。21  here he/she etc is (doing something) used to describe the present situation, especially one you did not expect to happen 他/她等竟然(做某事) Here I am in Fiji! 我现在竟然到斐济了!n GRAMMAR: Patterns with here• You use here on its own, when you are talking about a place or organization: The people here are poor.Do you work here? ✗Don’t say: The people in here are poor. | Do you work in here?• You use in here when talking about the inside of a building, room, cupboard etc: It’s crowded in here.There aren’t enough chairs in here.• You say come here: Before I came here, I didn’t speak any English. ✗Don’t say: come to here  USAGE: Here is, there isn• Use here is when giving or showing something to someone: nHere is the book you wanted.• Use there is or there are to say what is in a place: 表示一处有什么不要用here is/are ... ,而要用there is/are ... hereThere are many species of birds here. 这里有许多种鸟类。 ✗Don’t say: Here are many species of birds. Examples from the Corpushere• The keys were right here 15 minutes ago. Where did they go?• Let's eat here.• But then Gillian came along, and everything starts here.• Or do you think he would like to come here?• Such decisions should not be made here.• Did you grow up around here?• This is not what we are talking about here.• How far is Denver from here?• I know a good Japanese restaurant not far from here.• I think Jeff lives somewhere near here.• If we win this game, it should be pretty easy from here.• They got here about 15 minutes before you did.• They were right here, all around him, every day.• You don't live here and now.• I'll stay here and wait for the others.• Ken was supposed to be here at ten.• We've lived here for over a year now.• "Where are you?" "I'm down here in the basement."• The real question here is whether he is qualified for the job.• I love it here - it's so quiet and peaceful near the ocean.• I don't want to be anywhere near here when the sun comes up.• Now that she thought about it, he was just about the only person here whom she felt like trusting with and now• Show me your evidence right here and now.• I invite him to be more forthcoming here and now.• The more desperately he seeks, the more he distances himself from any fulfillment here and now.• Their history, their grappling with the meaning of freedom, was here and now.• There is a case, however, for tackling the subject, at least initially, here and now.• They were living their memories, I thought, here and now.• What had mattered was the here and now.• What is important is the here and now.• You don't live here and now.Origin here Old English herhere adverb →n GRAMMAR1 →5 REGISTER1 →USAGE1 →SPOKEN PHRASES1LDOCE OnlineChinese  in Corpus this place




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